No Beginning

This poem is pretty good, you should read it probably. It has a somewhat strange but also catchy rhythm to it, at least I think it does. Also, the change in rhyme scene in the second paragraph is intentional. The resulting jolt is sort of the point, isn’t it?

No Beginning

Those who haven’t had, can’t know,

those who know, can’t stop,

a circle, no beginning,

an end, no living.


Like a staircase, moving against you,

fighting forward, sliding back,

fall face down, direction lacked,

accept defeat, embrace the doom.


Night and day, bed and sun,

for the people, simply done,

night and night, squint at light,

heart long broken, depths and heights.


Rest for the rest,

no rest for the best,

the searcher cursed,

pen and paper, a hearse.

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